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SERVICE – Endtime Messages

How many of you have heard about an American called Jim Jones, founder and leader of the People’s Temple? He was a Doomsday prophet. He predicted that the world would end in November 1978. When the world did not end as he predicted, he led many of his followers to commit suicide in Jonestown, Guyana.

The Jehovah’s Witnesses have predicted the end of the world many times (the last prediction was 1975) and all the dates failed.

Recently, another American prophet, Harold Camping (founder and CEO of Family Radio, predicted that the world would end on Saturday 21-May-2011. The world did not end as he predicted. We hear that he has now shifted the date to 21-Oct-2011. Well, not all of us are immune to hypnotism, etc., so you can be sure that some people would still be following him. Whatever the case, these “prophets” are doing their bit to create awareness of current global changes, so don’t dismiss their work; it is part of the running program.

Ok! So, you have your Tarot Cards, Crystal Ball and Mayan Calendar, eh? Do you really want to know when the world would end? Jesus Christ is an authority on cosmic events and He said some things in the Bible concerning the end of the World. You can lap it all up in Matthew 24, Mark 13, Luke 21:5-36. Take time to read all. The story is the same but some give more details. Accordingly, even Jesus Himself did not know when the world would end. He told us that only His Father knows, so if anyone tells you to bring your life savings for prayers to be safe from the negative effects of Earth Changes, Climate Change, Witches, etc., now you know!

Planet X has become an open secret and is spawning some of your climate change catastrophe. Gadgets that depend on Magnets may not work properly. There are interferences in Radio and TV signals. Equipment and Services that depend on Satellites, e.g. Internet traffic from Servers (Opera Mini, Bolt Browsers, etc) may fail. GPS systems have become unstable. Sometimes, you may have difficulty starting your car; something wrong with the battery. Your Computer may fail to boot at the first try. Your Hard Disk may malfunction or crash. Radioactive storm from space or fine Ash from volcanic eruption may stop planes from flying. These are the realities we face today. We see these things every day, yet some people are waiting for the government to tell them that times are changing.

After some time, public electricity systems may fail. Good Lord! Well, at least the Sun is still shining. Let me hook up my Solar panel. This also depends on Batteries that may fail due to screwed-up polarity. Without Battery and Petrol, of what use is that Jaguar? Hmm, the good ole Raleigh Bicycle to the rescue. Jesus said to Watch. What does He mean by watching? The Internet is still working. Perhaps you need to do some homework on this, eh? Tapas! However, there is good news for those who love life very much. Jesus told us that Planet X would not end the world. It would pass but the Earth would not be the same after its passage. According to Jesus, those who qualify would make Rapture. If you insist on hiding your head in the sand like the proverbial Ostrich, something will show up sooner or later to kick your butt so hard that the orientation of your neurons may become reversed.

So, what to do? How best can one prepare for the biblical years of drought and famine? That Borehole water may no longer be safe for drinking, so think of the best way to secure potable water. Do you plan to stock up on treated water and treatment chemicals, food, spare parts, medical and general consumables? Yaa, but the Police and other law enforcement systems may fail. Warding off hungry intruders may work until your bullets run out… …and you have gathered some bad Karma… then what? Think of things that matter for simple life in the village or rural setting. Do you have a Kibbutz or Farm Settlement in your area or are you planning to set up one with your neighbours? If you cannot do any other thing, Jesus Christ advises that you watch, pray and love thy neighbor as thyself.

I was watching TV the other day and a Preacher told his congregation to run away from those who want to confuse them with high-sounding words. He reeled off many words in current use by modern Preachers. I caught the word “Karma”. Karma means Reaction following Action (you plant Apple, you reap Apple). I don’t know about the Preacher’s integrity or knowledge but I know that he was lazy, yes, Laaaazzzzyyyy. These days, one does not need to go to India to learn Sanskrit – simply Google Karma on your PC or even GSM Phone and update yourself before showing your ignorance to the whole world via a medium like the TV.

Saul of Tarsus was oppressing Christians before God arrested him and he became Paul. He served God mightily and was very close to Jesus. Jesus was powerful. In Computing, he would have an Administrator’s rights to CREATE, READ, EDIT & DELETE. All our thoughts and actions are recorded in our subconscious and the Holy Ghost or Holy Spirit represents God as He sits right there in our Hearts and witnesses everything. If Jesus wanted, He would have accessed Paul’s subconscious database to edit or delete bad karmic entries (forgiveness of Sins) but He did not. Conversely, He deleted the bad records of a Prostitute after the people who wanted to stone her for adultery all left. John 8:3-11. Paul worked very hard and obviously earned a lot of good Karma. There is no record in the Bible that Paul was beheaded in Rome but according to Wikipedia there is speculation in Christian circles that he was beheaded (obviously in line with his bad Karma while he was Saul).

The answer for Christ’s action is simple – Paul was doing his finals for a doctorate but the prostitute was just a child entering Primary School. Our forefathers knew and taught their children about Karma but many modern Churches preach instant salvation and forgiveness of Sins for converts, and have replaced the natural effects of bad Karma with many teachings on “God’s time is the best”, the sufferings of Job, etc. The Old Testament did a good job by including the Mosaic Law which demands “An Eye for an Eye”. Most Christians recognize the truth that Nature is still enforcing this Karmic law today despite the efforts of the Church to teach otherwise. However, take care that you do not challenge your Church on Karma or any other doctrine you do not agree with. You could get into many kinds of trouble.

A Samaritan is someone from Samaria, Palestine. In the days of Christ, these people apparently were ungodly and hostile to both Jews and Christians, so that Jesus initially (He later overcame the Samaritans) warned his disciples against going there to preach. Matthew 10:5. The Good Samaritan helping a stranger was, therefore, unique and shows that help in time of need can come from unexpected quarters. Luke 10:25-37.

My mother passed-on in January 2011 and I was constrained to appeal to some of my brethren for financial assistance, as Mr. Nessim Gaon of Israel is still arrogantly refusing to settle me. Some came to my aid. Some did not answer me. One told me that he was thinking (yes, THINKING – Lord have Mercy!!!) about helping me.

The Good Samaritan did not think about his beautiful skin, clothes, status, etc. He did not interview the victim to find out if he was a Robber, Conman, Vagrant, etc. He saw the victim’s condition and acted spontaneously from his heart. The key is engaging the Heart (to act as required) instead of the Head (to think and dissect) but some people have difficulty with the heart these days. Loving thy neighbour as thyself is not as easy as it sounds if your heart is warped. If you see someone in distress and you can help, act fast to save that person from the impending danger. This is what is required at this Endtime. This is what the Good Samaritan is all about. For those of us that lay claim to Christianity, note that Jesus has told us clearly what lies ahead and warned us about prophets. If you prefer to go and confess your sins and have them forgiven, that is your Cup of Tea. Repeat after me: “As you sow, so you shall reap”. Do not say that Jonathan Obikpo did not tell you. Wake up from your slumber, watch and pray. Those who have ears, let them hear!!!

Osama bin Laden has gone to join his ancestors and would, apparently, be having a good time with his lovely virgins. LOL.

Those leaders resisting the people’s wish for freedom and democracy are not in control of their lives. Other entities are controlling them. Since they had freewill, they obviously allowed the Temple to be defiled in the first place, so they would be judged accordingly.

Back home here in Nigeria, President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan (GEJ) won the Presidential election held on 16-Apr-2011. The world hailed the election as free and fair. In fact, many said that it was the best election ever held in Nigeria. His main opponent, Retired General Muhammadu Buhari disagreed with everybody and everything. Before the election, he said that he would not go to Court if he lost but, unfortunately, there was violence following GEJ’s victory and many people (including the international community) pointed accusing fingers in Buhari’s direction, so he was forced to reverse himself and head for the Law Courts to show that he abhors jungle justice. Before the elections, many people admired General Buhari for his principles. Now, eerrmm… well… looks like he shot himself in the foot… and would need to fight hard to regain his now battered image locally and internationally… Sad!!! Politics 101: Do not fight an opponent with loads of good luck. If the proverbial Banana peel appears from nowhere, guess who would be lying on the floor, with some broken political bones, perhaps?

GEJ is now putting his acts together. There are many things to be done. Plenty of balancing for national unity. For example, President GEJ ignored the invitation of his main opponent to arrest him following speculations on the post election violence. There are people suspected to have diverted national resources into their pockets but are allowed to walk free – in the interest of the country. Yes, that is the reality of Nigeria. Dilemma!

We have three important Bills – the Freedom of Information Bill, the Petroleum Industry Bill and the Minimum Wage Bill. I do not care about their present status in the National Assembly; I regard them as all passed. The Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC) has sounded a note of warning that any Governor who cannot pay the minimum wage of N18,000 (eighteen thousand Naira) according to the law should resign. That is good talk and we know that the NLC does not issue empty threats.

GEJ is now getting his team together. I trust that he has not forgotten Citizen Jonathan Obikpo who is still waiting for settlement of my Final Entitlement from Mr. Nessim Gaon of Israel. The UN Secretary General, Ban Ki Moon was here in person a few days ago and there was talk, inter alia, of Climate Change. I am in full support of planning for Armageddon. I also heard the good news that they are doing something about Social Security for the aged but I don’t know if Mr. Ki Moon is involved in the scheme. I am all ears to hear more in due course, including Social Welfare for those youths who would remain after GEJ has created millions of jobs for the teeming unemployed in Nigeria. If the youths are hungry and you give subsistence allowance to the aged, the youths may take it from them.

Have a nice day.

Jonathan Obikpo

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